A Call to WillPower


Giving up the drinking has been easy thus far.  But the thought of further restricting my diet feels very challenging.  I am now facing this part of myself: I lovvveeeee to eat! Which of course is fine for many reasons. I need to eat to survive. It’s a way to nourish my body. It involves creativity and love. It brings people together. Of course eating is a fine practice. HOWEVER, I find myself in whirlpools of craving craving craving. I will eat my fill and want more more more, and find that the more I eat, the more I want. I am never satisfied! I am often caught in anguish around wanting to eat more and feeling tortured and fully distracted by the thought of food, OR overstuffed, very uncomfortable and sinking into guilt and grand plans for a changed diet. (Thus the impetus for the green drink… an interesting pattern to be aware of…) Whew! It can get messy, this human thing.

My goal in life, and the intention of this blog, is to feel as awesome as possible. To feel as happy and thriving as I can, or at the very least, more than I have been in the past.  Eating a certain quality and quantity of food can serve this goal.  Tidal-waves of craving get in the way.  Willpower is needed!!!

I look forward to taking a closer look at ‘willpower’ and addictions in general. For now, I want to talk a little more about my first response to my eating situation. I am very excited to learn more about healthy foods that are also super delicious! I’ve already  begun this journey and have come across an amazzzing blog:

This Rawsome Vegan Life

The drink in this link is basically the one I made this morning. I feel no drive, and never have, to live a vegan lifestyle. I have always been driven by instinct based on tidbits of nutrition information I’ve picked up along the way and what my body has experienced itself. I found the Rawsome website as I was searching for a cacao and nut based bar treat. I had something of the sort in Costa Rica and found it amazingly delicious, satisfying my desire for texture, chewiness, and sweetness AND full of things my body loves! Thus I have found these vegan recipes that happen to speak to what I’m looking for, yay!  (I look forward to exploring and sharing more about my thoughts and feelings around ‘diets’).

In the meantime, I will take more time to journal and reflect on my relationship with food, what I want for myself, and what this WillPower stuff is all about.  (After I made those videos, I sat in the kitchen another 10 minutes or so thinking about food, and then got myself a handful of sunflower seeds. Ay yi yi!)

Thanks for listening. 🙂


Blogging itself has been an exciting journey. I’m learning more about technology and writing. I look forward to a new computer that will allow me to edit  videos! (So I won’t have to post two videos in one blog)  Taking and watching videos of myself has also been a trip! I’ve realized that a big reason to do the blog, and take videos, is so I can become a more effective communicator. I want to speak and write in a clear, confident, and compelling way, and I believe this blog experience can serve that goal.  Why become a better communicator? Because I love to share and connect! ❤


Belly Brew


This weekend I made one of my favorite herbal elixirs which I will call Belly Brew, or Lemon Licorice Love.

This blend is meant to aid in digestion, elimination, gas, and bloating.  It can be a tad bitter (bitter usually means it’s great for digestion and liver).

(((By the way, I am an herbal enthusiast! NOT AN EXPERT.  Be mindful of what I suggest and rely on your own wisdom and resources. I’ve taken some herbal classes and for a few years have been using herbs/plants/foods as medicine. My recipes are based on general knowledge I’ve picked up and how I’ve interpreted it based on what I remember and have experienced myself. )))
Below are the ingredients used.  Licorice root, lemon balm, and oats can be found at your local herb shop, Whole Foods or other health stores, or online.

Ginger: aids in digestion, warm, great for immune health

Lemon and Orange PEEL:  Carminative (anti-gas), lots of vitimins (I use the leftover peels from my Morning Detox Drink) 

Licorice Root: Helps with elimination, SWEET, soothing for throat

Lemon Balm: Eases nerves and nervous stomach, antidepressant, mild lemon flavor

Oats: Eases tension, soothing to nervous system, full of nutrients

In general I use 1 tablespoon of fresh herb and 1 teaspoon of dried herb per cup of water. However, I am not keen on exact measurements and usually just eyeball it and make decisions based on what I have and what I want.  For the ingredients shown in the picture, I used about 6-7 cups of water in the pot.

For this recipe I’d probably use LESS of the peels next time, since it came out a tad too bitter.

Begin by placing GINGER, LEMON AND ORANGE PEELS, AND LICORICE ROOT into a pot to boil. Once boiling,  turn down and simmer for 15-20 minutes.

After the 15-20 minutes, turn off heat and add the LEMON BALM and OATS. Let sit for another 10-15 minutes. NO MORE THAN 15 MINUTES. The Lemon Balm will also get bitter if left to steep too long.

Strain the blend, add honey if desired, and transfer to jars. Drink warm or at room temperature.  Will keep in the fridge for a couple days. Great way to start the day or to have before meals.

Cheers! 🙂

Liquor Store

Found myself in a liquor store this weekend.


Right Now

Been alcohol free for one week.

Feeling great! No desire to drink whatsoever.

Have made other changes in my life: more exercise, healthier diet, more activity. I think they are all contributing to an increase in my energy, motivation, and positivity.

So far so good! 🙂


Morning Detox Drink

I begin everyday with drinking Warm Lemon-Cayenne Water. Wakes up the belly which aids digestion, improves circulation, anti-bacterial thus great for fighting colds, clears sinuses, soothes sore throats, and detoxifying to the liver.

1/4-1/2 fresh squeezed organic lemon
few shakes cayenne
warm water


ginger tea with lemon


Thank You

I am so amazed and thankful for the support I’ve received so far. Friends and acquaintances have come forward to show their support, and share their own sober story. This helps me feel even more excited and dedicated to this journey! And it’s great to know there’s people out there to turn to if I need it. Thank you thank you thank you.

Also- Having this blog feels like it’s really going to help. I am held accountable by an invisible you. Knowing that this journey is public, makes me feel more committed. I wonder why that is…. Does it come back to caring what people think of me? Of wanting to be seen as a committed person? Maybe, but that’s not so bad.

There’s something very powerful about sharing myself with the world…. I’m very curious about this phenomenon….

First Day

As I reflect on my Last Night of drinking, I am reminded of why I am taking a break from alcohol. I want to tap into my fun,party side without alcohol. I want to experience more happiness in life. I want to get the most out of my life. I don’t think alcohol serves these goals in any way. I want some things to change in my life, so I am doing things differently to see what happens.


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