Last Night Part 5



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  1. Dan
    Feb 14, 2014 @ 21:50:04

    Took a long journey one time (very long) that taught me the importance of food as you have commented on, but the journey also taught me another side of that importance. Having to learn how to pack enough food for a 12 or 20 day stretch, and then having to look at it in a totally different way – like wow, if I eat all this tonight (and the reality was I could eat whatever I wanted to) where will I be in 6 days?? Out of food with how many more days to resupply!!!??? Well, as you can imagine, it is very easy now to look at things I really love to eat in a totally different way – instead of just something to eat, or want right now, but something worth waiting for because of what it brings to your life….and to relish it as everything else worth relishing in your life – like sunsets, getting to the top of a mountain, reading a good book, cooking! learning, writing, and all the other pursuits in life that make you happy. Without the journey, the view from the summit wouldn’t look quite the same….


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