Light-Hearted Self-Love

Wow another path to the same point.

Yann uses love between couples as the basis of his talk and says that we are a culture obsessed with being desired, and have largely turned to buying material goods, and appearing perfect, in order to be valued. He points out that if I think I need OTHERS to value me in order to be valuable, I’m assuming that I am NOT inherently valuable. Yes this makes sense. Not exactly sure how he gets to the next point from here… but what he concludes with is the idea that what we need is TENDERNESS, and ACCEPTANCE OF OUR WEAKNESSES. And we can do this through a “poetry of deliberate awkwardness” , or “self-mockery”.

Again we see an argument for accepting our imperfections, loving our ‘weaknesses’, being tender with ourselves. I love how he comes at it from this humorous, self-mockery angle. I translate this as first being honest with where I’m at, looking at myself closely, then being able to bring this to the table for myself or in a relationship in a light-hearted way. No big deal! This is where I’m at, I can accept it and laugh about it.

Very cool. Thank you Yann. You’re adorable.



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