Escorted to Energy!!! BeerBread Included.


I am surprised by my level of energy right now. I feel bright, focused, awake, excited.

I haven’t been exercising as much, eating more bread and other less supportive foods, and last night had some delicious muffins, beer bread* (woo!) and other snacks late at night. For the most part I’m noticing that this type of behavior leads to less energy for me.

I went to bed with positive affirmations for myself. (It’s okay, I’m fine, I’m doing great. I love my life. It’s all working out. I will feel great tomorrow. Even if I’m still a little sick, it’s not big deal. I am moving closer and closer to more and more brightness in my life.) That sort of thing. Woke feeling pretty good, not exactly in the mood to exercise, but put on a 20 minute yoga video, a nice compromise. (  $10 a month!) Then I decided to get on the elliptical that’s right there next to me. Just 10 minutes I told myself, better than nothing. Well I got on there, put in my headphones, and YouTubed a new band my friend told me about last night. Escort. Woo! Ended up doing 20 minutes. Finally got myself back to that sweaty strong place that actually feels good.

Next, I ate some organic raspberries and blueberries (Yes they’re expense, but soooo good and I’ve been craving them lately so am assuming my body will really benefit right now!) Then I JUICED 4 large carrots, half a lemon, big chunk of ginger, and one apple. Yummm.

And magic. I am literally surprised by how BRIGHT I feel right now.  

Thus I am locking in this Positive Diet routine for myself.

Positive Affirmations 
Berries and Juicing
Positive Music
Positive People (last night’s activities)

*Beer bread.   I didn’t realize I was eating beer bread until a few slices in.  Once I knew, I had this moment of suspecting there was still alcohol in the bread. A feeling of relaxed giddiness came over me. Omg, I think I’m a little drunk! I had this itty-bitty thought (because really I knew there was little to NO alcohol in the bread). But I actually had a visceral response of feeling buzzed, merely because I THOUGHT I may be…..


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