Job/Success Anxiety?

I really appreciate this conversation around SUCCESS and job anxiety.  I’ve noticed that at times I compare myself to others, based on a traditional view of  ‘job success’, using it make myself feel better or worse. Seems automatic… and overall definitely not serving. It is not the way I want to keep functioning. When I intentionally reflect on my life… I see HUGE success in areas that are really important to me.

I have done so much exploring and pushing of my own boundaries. I’ve gone places, tried new things, talked to different people, put myself out there.  I have a nourishing and evolving relationship with food. I have paid attention to this world and often feel very connected to the magic and mystery, the awe and wonder.  I’ve taken great care of myself, taking responsibility for my self and my actions. I’ve made great friends and great connections. I am a kind person.  I’m following my heart and have discovered deep beauty in this world. I pay attention, I respond, I live intentionally, I work hard, I take care of myself, I am open, I am loving. I am so grateful I have developed these parts of myself and when I compare myself to my own values, I feel great!! Go me! ❤

Alain mentions that we are also a human-worshipping society.  For most of history, societies have a god or outside force they worship. Therefore our modern society turns to nature to get outside the human drama. How interesting that people find solace when focusing outside themselves…

AND I’ve found another powerful way to incorporate the benefits of focusing outside ourselves in addition to nature or a ‘god/spirit’.. I turn to my HigherSelf, my FutureSelf… I worship her, love her, live for her, believe in her… and now I visit her all the time!  When I put my focus on this vision of my ‘Best’ Self… I am slightly turning my attention outwards, and at the same time focusing on the positive, and also loving myself… all very helpful tools.  And the more I walk down this path, and do the work, I honestly find myself living from a place that feels so empowered, grounded, and connected. Living as my HigherSelf. Or some may say, channeling spirit, connected to god. 🙂

Alain says, you can’t have it all, you can’t have success in every area of your life, there is always a sacrifice somewhere. How can he be so sure????? Especially if I am the one deciding what success means…

Take Home Message
I decide what success means to me
Turning my attention to nature, an outside force, or my Higher Self provides a break from the beautiful human drama of achievement
In addition to finding solace in nature, or the concept of ‘spirit/god’ I turn to my vision of my HigherSelf/Future Self as a way to get outside my current drama, which in turn helps me feel more connected (grounded, empowered, inspired)…. more SUCCESSFUL! 🙂



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