8 Sobering Realizations


1 Year of not drinking alcohol has shown me:

1) I can do it.

2) The hardest part of making a change- is making the decision. Once I made the decision, it was easy.

3) There are other ways of being together with people that is fun and engaging, that doesn’t involve alcohol.

4) It’s up to me to make that fun-engaging-togetherness happen.

5) I have interests and passions (Which include: video production, body movement {yoga, acro, DANCE}, drawing, making chocolate, talking in accents)

6) I still binge eat

7) Alcohol is a handy excuse to not go live the life I want. And so is eating. Or working. Or complaining. ¬†And I suspect I could go on forever ‘giving things up’ that are ‘in my way’ of living the life I want. But what’s probably more important than any of that is- GOING AND LIVING THE LIFE I WANT.

8) I still want to drink.