Trading Pints of Beer for Pints of Ben&Jerry’s

What is it about my life that has kept me on that path?  How come I am able to Begin Again and maintain healthy routines?  I know what it’s like to feel under the spell of food, sweets, and coffee, and why am I able to pull myself away?

My theory right now is that I am able to come back to the path because I have been here before.  And the more time I spend feeling the positive effects of living my life a certain way, the more likely I am to come back to it.  Having the experience of feeling alive in my mind, body, soul is most important.

Therefore, putting myself in a structured experiment of living a certain way is very important and does serve.  ‘Forcing’ myself to eat a certain way for a month, and therefore reap the benefits is what is going to help me come back to this lifestyle if I stray.

Again I am reminded of the importance of PRACTICE.  Living a healthy lifestyle takes practice.  Begin again, begin again, begin again.

What beliefs am I stepping into today?

I love taking care of my body.
I love eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
I am passionate about sticking to my goals thus I only eat sweets once in a while.
I love moving my body, I am passionate about moving my body, I move my body as much as I can via yoga, running, stretching, acro, gymnastics, dance, hooping, walking, conditioning, anything!

Feeling energized, focused, awake, happy, relaxed, able, strong is so important to me and so attainable that I easily and happily eat vibrant fresh food, move my body often, meditate, and maintain routines.

This video pumps me up!! Focus on a goal!


Transformation at Festivals


 Bonnaroo 2007 was my first music/arts festival as an adult.  My mind was blown. I was filled with inspiration.  People smiled and looked me in the eye.  People wore whatever they wanted.  People danced and moved in a variety of ways.  Strangers became quick friends.  People brought whatever gift they had and shared it.  People were doing things differently, and it all looked and felt so beautiful.

For the past 7 years I have attended several music/art festivals around the country.  My perception of what’s possible as a human being has expanded.  The greatest gift I have received from the festivals is permission to experiment with other ways of being.  By exploring different ways of showing up in the world- I have come closer to a way of being that is fulfilling for me.  THANK YOU festivals for this most potent gift.

By 2013 I found myself at smaller ‘transformational’ festivals.  These co-creative events have equal emphasis on music, art, skill sharing, healing, and workshops. It was in these environments, that I felt most alive.  I also started to wonder… what’s my gift? What workshops can I teach? Or piece of art can I share? What is it that I have to offer?


Meanwhile, my experiences with Coby Kozlowski, and living yoga, has mirrored what I’ve learned from the festivals.  What am I being called to? How do I want to show up in this world? What IS the life I want?


I’ve taken a good look at my life and have decided it’s time to take a break from the festivals. It’s time to integrate what I’ve learned. I now have a clearer picture of what I love and how I want to spend my time on this planet.  Now I go deeper into my interests (hooping, yoga, food, coaching), and get more grounded . And perhaps return to festivals with even more to share…

When I graduated college I had no idea what I wanted.  Job, hobbies, friends, location…. it was all pretty fuzzy.  I didn’t know how and where to focus my energy.  So I jumped into the party of life.  I started with one thing I knew I wanted (move to Amherst!) and just started putting myself out there.  I met lots of different people, took different classes and workshops, traveled to different places…. As a result- I’ve come to realize things I love. All that wandering, all those experiences, all that time getting by with little income… it’s brought me where I wanted. I am so excited to be alive 🙂


Below are some festivals to check out.  Festivals change and evolve each year.  Last year Rootwire, Gratifly, and Electric Forest were most potent for me.  Go where you are called.  Pay attention to what works and doesn’t work for you.  Have fun and find what feeds your soul.

Unifier*June 5-8*Connecticut

Imaginarium*June 13-15*Michigan

Rootwire*July 17-20*West Virginia

Gratifly*July 24-27 *South Carolina

Envision*February 26-March 1*Costa Rica

Burning Man*August 25- September 1*Nevada



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