Day 4 Sugar Free Sweet Treat

Maple sweetened granola.

With a little extra maple syrup and

unsweetened almond milk.

Yummm. 🙂


Committing to not eating sugar has been relatively easy. I’m now house sitting so to a large extent I have control over what food is in the house.  And I haven’t been out that much this week.  Without being tempted by it, it’s really not that hard.

Blogging every day has been more challenging.  And here I am, keeping up. 🙂


Day 3 Sugar Free Treat- Liquid Heaven

In this video I discuss:

Why is REFINED sugar tough on the body?

My new favorite thing in the world.

Why it’s worth it to buy ‘expensive’ food.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


5 Days Sugar-Free


I had an amazing weekend with lots of activity and exercise.

Annnd…. I ate many peanut M&Ms, sugary granola bars, sugary trail mix, cookies, brownies, cheesecake, annd visited and indulged at Ben&Jerry’s factory in Vermont.

I feel okay right now.  The balance of exercise and a diet of mostly veggies/grains makes a difference.

And, I’d like to eat less sugar.  So, for the sake of actually taking a break from sugar, I’m declaring myself addicted to sugar.

Yes. I am sugarholic.
I can’t have just one cookie, just one handful of M&Ms, just one spoonful of sugary peanut-butter. It always ends up being 2, 3 ,4 or more.  When I am indulging, a very powerful story takes over.

It’s okay to be eating this.  My life is just fine. Eating this sugar doesn’t have much of an effect.  I’m happy I eat sugar. It’s a part of my life, a part of my culture. Relax Tamreh, no big deal.  Stop trying to control yourself, just eat the sugar.

Ugh.  So powerful. Like an alcoholic who can’t have just one drink, I can’t have just one cookie.  If I want to change my relationship to sugar- I believe I need to make a clean break (at least for a while).

Eating sugar does not support my highest goals! I want to be as healthy and thriving as possible. I don’t need sugar! I can satisfy a sweet craving in many ways that do not involve sugar.

So-for the sake of feeling awesome I will NOT eat sugar for 5 days.
Monday June 16-Friday June 20 I will not eat sugar or anything that has sugar in it. 

This is totally possible for me.  I start with 5 days to show myself I can do it, to see what happens, and find out how I feel.
To support myself in this commitment I am: posting here, putting it into my icalander, telling my friends and family, and having a yummy sugar-free alternative already available for myself.  I will also post on this blog a sugar-free sweet treat every day for the next 5 days.

Yay! Wish me luck 🙂

Weekend Cleanse

I got into a loop of feeling lousy physically… which of course began to melt into my mind and emotions. Seems like a cold was threatening to take over and put me to bed with misery.  My digestion felt slow, my energy low… negative thoughts snuck their way in “You’re falling apart, something’s wrong with you, you’re doing things wrong, eating wrong, thinking wrong, acting wrong… you need to change, what’s wrong with you!” Which lead to “You need to change everything! You’re entire life! What are you DOING?!” (This, by the way, is the Gremlin)  When a cold beings to creep up… this is where my mind wants to go.  I believe there is some truth to it… my eating probably wasn’t ideal which probably didn’t help me feel better. But more importantly,  I don’t need to spiral out of control.  Getting sick sometimes, is no big deal… how I deal with it IS. I’d like to relax and be compassionate towards myself that I’m getting sick, without beating myself up and convincing myself my life is falling apart and I’m a huge failure.

Deep breath. What CAN I do?

Rest more. Say no to activities, stay in the house. Let the To Do List go.

Be mindful of what I eat… because I know it will help me feel better!

I dragged my feet on this for the past 2 weeks. My main excuse; “I already eat really well! Give me a break. Limiting myself soo much is ridiculous. I deserve more. I’m fine, it’s no big deal, I’ll survive.”

Okay, partly true AND I hate feeling lousy from a cold! And limiting myself just a few days can go a long way, just a few days! Relax Tamreh, you can do it.

Okay, let’s do this.

Step 1 Affirmation:  I make food choices that support my optimal functioning. This is fun and easy for me. I enjoy doing it!  I journaled on this new perspective for some time, visualized myself ending meals without snacking more, and really got a feel for what this place is like. I also wrote this on my bedroom mirror, and said it to myself several times throughout the day.

Step 2 Buying Food. Since I’ve done this before it was pretty easy to plan in my head my food for the weekend. (Otherwise writing down a list of items to buy can be very helpful!) I decided to simply stock up on a TON of fruits and veggies. I decided not to worry about the money. Feeling good is that important to me. So I went to whole foods and got lots of greens, carrots, beats, apples, lemon and ginger all for juicing. I decided for this weekend I will consume only juice (store bought and freshly juiced), cooked grains, cooked greens/onions, fruit, minimal nuts.  A simple nutritious meal plan.  AND I will minimalize my activity, go slow through my day, sleep in, go to bed early.

Step 3 Stay COMMITTED Having the food available in the house reallllly helps. Saying my affirmation to myself in the mirror, every morning, again and again until I was very convincing, really helped.  Then of course a friend offers to pay for take-out for me… ahh! “No thank you- I made a commitment to myself to eat a certain way this weekend and that does not fit in.” I had to say this out loud.  Staying in the house helped- a friend asked me out to dinner. Nope. Really I do feel pretty low energy so it’s easy to check in with this and the sense that I reallllly want my energy back. I’m fed up! This helps motivate me. I also visualize times where I’ve felt very alive, very energized… THAT’S where I want to be. The visualization is motivating to stay on track and helps me actually feel better throughout my day.

Overall- I’ve done pretty good. I am feeling pretty tired now though. Minimalizing activity at home was somewhat challenging- I can get pretty addicted to my TO-DO List… Guess it’s time to shut off the computer, the phone, and really relax.  🙂


Embracing Vulnerability

Come to me
Where do you live in thee?
Is it the way I shy from challenge,
Getting stuck in what (I believe) unworthy?
Is it when I stand still,
Instead of dancing like a monkey?
Is it when I see someone who inspires,
And shy like just another sheep?
Let me step into you lovingly
Allow my sweet and wild self
To be explicitly seen.

A Call to WillPower


Giving up the drinking has been easy thus far.  But the thought of further restricting my diet feels very challenging.  I am now facing this part of myself: I lovvveeeee to eat! Which of course is fine for many reasons. I need to eat to survive. It’s a way to nourish my body. It involves creativity and love. It brings people together. Of course eating is a fine practice. HOWEVER, I find myself in whirlpools of craving craving craving. I will eat my fill and want more more more, and find that the more I eat, the more I want. I am never satisfied! I am often caught in anguish around wanting to eat more and feeling tortured and fully distracted by the thought of food, OR overstuffed, very uncomfortable and sinking into guilt and grand plans for a changed diet. (Thus the impetus for the green drink… an interesting pattern to be aware of…) Whew! It can get messy, this human thing.

My goal in life, and the intention of this blog, is to feel as awesome as possible. To feel as happy and thriving as I can, or at the very least, more than I have been in the past.  Eating a certain quality and quantity of food can serve this goal.  Tidal-waves of craving get in the way.  Willpower is needed!!!

I look forward to taking a closer look at ‘willpower’ and addictions in general. For now, I want to talk a little more about my first response to my eating situation. I am very excited to learn more about healthy foods that are also super delicious! I’ve already  begun this journey and have come across an amazzzing blog:

This Rawsome Vegan Life

The drink in this link is basically the one I made this morning. I feel no drive, and never have, to live a vegan lifestyle. I have always been driven by instinct based on tidbits of nutrition information I’ve picked up along the way and what my body has experienced itself. I found the Rawsome website as I was searching for a cacao and nut based bar treat. I had something of the sort in Costa Rica and found it amazingly delicious, satisfying my desire for texture, chewiness, and sweetness AND full of things my body loves! Thus I have found these vegan recipes that happen to speak to what I’m looking for, yay!  (I look forward to exploring and sharing more about my thoughts and feelings around ‘diets’).

In the meantime, I will take more time to journal and reflect on my relationship with food, what I want for myself, and what this WillPower stuff is all about.  (After I made those videos, I sat in the kitchen another 10 minutes or so thinking about food, and then got myself a handful of sunflower seeds. Ay yi yi!)

Thanks for listening. 🙂


Blogging itself has been an exciting journey. I’m learning more about technology and writing. I look forward to a new computer that will allow me to edit  videos! (So I won’t have to post two videos in one blog)  Taking and watching videos of myself has also been a trip! I’ve realized that a big reason to do the blog, and take videos, is so I can become a more effective communicator. I want to speak and write in a clear, confident, and compelling way, and I believe this blog experience can serve that goal.  Why become a better communicator? Because I love to share and connect! ❤