Trading Pints of Beer for Pints of Ben&Jerry’s

What is it about my life that has kept me on that path?  How come I am able to Begin Again and maintain healthy routines?  I know what it’s like to feel under the spell of food, sweets, and coffee, and why am I able to pull myself away?

My theory right now is that I am able to come back to the path because I have been here before.  And the more time I spend feeling the positive effects of living my life a certain way, the more likely I am to come back to it.  Having the experience of feeling alive in my mind, body, soul is most important.

Therefore, putting myself in a structured experiment of living a certain way is very important and does serve.  ‘Forcing’ myself to eat a certain way for a month, and therefore reap the benefits is what is going to help me come back to this lifestyle if I stray.

Again I am reminded of the importance of PRACTICE.  Living a healthy lifestyle takes practice.  Begin again, begin again, begin again.

What beliefs am I stepping into today?

I love taking care of my body.
I love eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
I am passionate about sticking to my goals thus I only eat sweets once in a while.
I love moving my body, I am passionate about moving my body, I move my body as much as I can via yoga, running, stretching, acro, gymnastics, dance, hooping, walking, conditioning, anything!

Feeling energized, focused, awake, happy, relaxed, able, strong is so important to me and so attainable that I easily and happily eat vibrant fresh food, move my body often, meditate, and maintain routines.

This video pumps me up!! Focus on a goal!


Sober Evolution

Big realization about my relationship with alcohol!

Annnd RoadTrippin, lovin life 🙂


(Filmed this last week)




What does commitment mean to you?
How do you stay committed?
What are you willing to commit to right now in your life?

Commitment takes effort, it’s flexing the muscle of will power.

New commitments:

For next 2 weeks every day I will
Run every morning
Not eat bread/wheat or tortilla chips
Meditate 15 minutes every morning

For all of Spring I will
Not eat processed sugar




Sober in the City!

Meeting up for a ‘drink’ after work turns into getting yummy soup and tea at Whole Foods. Feels good to do things differently. And my night was that much better for it. Having soup and tea, instead of alcohol, allowed me maintain my energy into the night. Plus, my initial desire for a drink- to calm my nerves from driving- faded away as I settled into where I was. And I, of course, still really enjoyed my time with my beautiful sister ❤