Cleaning Windows


Hello friends!

A friend of mine wrote the following piece.  I am inspired by the way she looks at life. I am inspired by her perseverance.  I love how her process with the windows is a perfect metaphor for the times in life when effort is needed for change.  Staying committed to a goal requires us to be patient, and dig deeper for the strength that is already there, available for us to access and use.  Thank you friend for sharing your experience. ❤ 

Clean Windows

I wanted clean windows. When I tried to look through them, all I could focus on was the cloudy, smudgy, dirt. I could have cleaned just one for a slightly better view, but why stop there? Why not have a clear view no matter what window I look out of? So it was decided, I will have clean windows. I went and bought the supplies, got my ladder, put on my cleaning clothes, and set the music. I was ready. “This won’t be so bad”, I thought, “People clean windows all the time.” Twenty minutes in I was sweaty, dirty, and all I could smell was the chemicals. The squeegee wasn’t working like I had expected it to and I kept feeling like I was loosing my balance while on the ladder. Then when I thought I was in the groove of it all…crash. A pane of glass, that wasn’t in its track correctly, fell and shattered. I took a break and cried a little, but I couldn’t give up. I wanted to see clearly though my windows. I wanted the sun to shine in unfiltered. I cleaned up the glass, found a replacement in the basement, and got back to work. When I thought I was done, I audited my work and realized there were still quite a few streaks. I had to go back and clear them because I knew I wouldn’t be able to look past them. Three hours of balancing, getting dirty, using unused muscles, breathing in chemicals and I finally could see clear through my windows as if there was no panes of glass there at all.

I was reflecting on this later when I realized this is a great metaphor for life. To be able to see clearly, you have to do work. You could do a little work and see through one “window” but that won’t give you the full view and you might still focus on the windows that are still dirty. Cleaning all the windows might be more challenging than you anticipate. You may feel like you got it, like you are on the right path, then “boom…crash”…a set back, a window breaks. You may get frustrated, shed some tears, and may need to step back for a moment. You may even think you have reached the end but then realize there is more to do. When you do finally reach that goal of being clear, you will realize there is so much to look at. So many small details will be present that you weren’t able to see with all the cloudiness in the way. But remember, you have to keep up with the cleaning or else your windows will become dirty once again. Smudges will happen, people will leave fingerprints, messiness will find its way, and its up to you to remove what accumulates, to keep cleaning the windows. 🙂  




2 bananas
big handful raw spinach
unsweetened almond milk
few ice cubes
old-fashioned oats, flax, hemp seed (3-4TBS total) ground (in spice/coffee grinder)
maple syrup (1-3 TBS)
cashews or walnuts (small handful)
Cinnamon to your liking!