Escorted to Energy!!! BeerBread Included.


I am surprised by my level of energy right now. I feel bright, focused, awake, excited.

I haven’t been exercising as much, eating more bread and other less supportive foods, and last night had some delicious muffins, beer bread* (woo!) and other snacks late at night. For the most part I’m noticing that this type of behavior leads to less energy for me.

I went to bed with positive affirmations for myself. (It’s okay, I’m fine, I’m doing great. I love my life. It’s all working out. I will feel great tomorrow. Even if I’m still a little sick, it’s not big deal. I am moving closer and closer to more and more brightness in my life.) That sort of thing. Woke feeling pretty good, not exactly in the mood to exercise, but put on a 20 minute yoga video, a nice compromise. (  $10 a month!) Then I decided to get on the elliptical that’s right there next to me. Just 10 minutes I told myself, better than nothing. Well I got on there, put in my headphones, and YouTubed a new band my friend told me about last night. Escort. Woo! Ended up doing 20 minutes. Finally got myself back to that sweaty strong place that actually feels good.

Next, I ate some organic raspberries and blueberries (Yes they’re expense, but soooo good and I’ve been craving them lately so am assuming my body will really benefit right now!) Then I JUICED 4 large carrots, half a lemon, big chunk of ginger, and one apple. Yummm.

And magic. I am literally surprised by how BRIGHT I feel right now.  

Thus I am locking in this Positive Diet routine for myself.

Positive Affirmations 
Berries and Juicing
Positive Music
Positive People (last night’s activities)

*Beer bread.   I didn’t realize I was eating beer bread until a few slices in.  Once I knew, I had this moment of suspecting there was still alcohol in the bread. A feeling of relaxed giddiness came over me. Omg, I think I’m a little drunk! I had this itty-bitty thought (because really I knew there was little to NO alcohol in the bread). But I actually had a visceral response of feeling buzzed, merely because I THOUGHT I may be…..


Bubbly Berry Blastoff! A Maiden Mimosa

Bubbly Berry Blastoff! A Maiden Mimosa

This morning my housemates were having mimosas. It actually sounded realllly good. Hmmm. Once I remembered I had leftover Apple Cranberry Cider from Valentines day, I began rummaging through the fridge to see what I could come up with. This is what happened!

Bolthouse Farms Acai +10 Superblend
Martinelli’s Apple-Cranberry Cider
Dollop of Elderberry Syrup (Immunity Boost!)
Squeeze of Lemon
Couple friendly raspberries (That tasted delicious at the end)

Super healthy immunity boosting energizing tasty virgin mimosa, yay! I’m seriously ready to blast off into this day wooo!